Steampunk World is going to be a textbook!

That’s right, Steampunk World is going to be used as a textbook at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha in Lisa Hager’s ENG 273: International Steampunk Literature & Culture.  It sounds like it’s going to be a cool class:

Using Omeka, our class will create an online exhibit of objects from Hans’ Steampunk World. Each student will contribute three objects along with analysis of how these object exemplify the stories’ mash-ups of various cultures and steampunk.

That is just kinda awesome.

And for those of you teaching (or taking) creative writing courses, don’t forget Eighth Day Genesis: A Worldbuilding Codex to help you create a great fictional world!

Possible Slight Delay with GenCon Meetup

Due to some factors we can’t control (traffic, will call lines), Sarah Hans and I may be late to the noon meetup at GenCon outside the Writer’s Symposium.  We’ll be there as soon as humanly possible.

If we’re late and others who don’t know are wondering where we are, please let them know.   I’m tweetable at @uriel1998 or @alliterationink as well, and will update there.

Thanks for understanding!

It’s publication day for Steampunk World (Amazon, B&N, Alliteration Ink, Google), and as you may know, around here that also means a Goodreads giveaway! The giveaway is just for this weekend, so don’t delay - enter now!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Steampunk World by Sarah Hans

Steampunk World

by Sarah Hans

Giveaway ends August 18, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

See Sarah Hans and Me At GenCon THIS SATURDAY

The Writer’s Symposium at GenCon is a hidden treasure.  I stumbled into it almost by accident during my first GenCon, and I’ve not looked back.  It was the best crash-course a fledgling writer could have - both for the craft of writing and for the often-neglected business side of things.

Marc Tassin has been doing a bang-up job running the Symposium for the last several years, and I’m glad to be part of it again thanks to Jaym Gates.

She invited me to take part in her workshop:

Kickstarter, Social Media, and Standing Out From the Crowd

It’s at 3pm this Saturday, featuring Jaym Gates, Melanie Meadors, Stephen Hood (of the Storium Kickstarter), and myself.  My part will include not only the ethics of running a successful crowdfunding campaign, but some of the hard data I’ve collected over four successful campaigns.

Prior to that, Sarah Hans (editor of Steampunk World and Sidekicks and author published all over the place) and I will be having an informal meet-and-greet at noon on Saturday right outside the Symposium’s rooms.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Rhysling and Pushcart Prize Nominated Poetry Here!

The poems in Leslie Andersons’ An Inheritance of Stone racked up a number of prestigious prize nominations, including a Pushcart Prize nomination and two Rhysling Prize nominations…and you can get her work in print and digital formats.  (That’s right, poetry people, digital formats.)

You can experience Leslie’s poetry at, or pick it up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Drive Thru Fiction, Kobo, and Google!

Pre-Order Links For Steampunk World

You might remember that I like to make sure that I would be able to get backer rewards to you before putting the book on sale.  And now that I have the print books for Steampunk World, I am proud to announce an official public on-sale date for Steampunk World of 15 August 2014.

But you don’t have to wait - there are now pre-order links available!

You can pre-order from Amazon or directly from Alliteration Ink!

Hey Canada (and everywhere else)! Get your free eBooks at your bookstore!

As reported last month, Alliteration Ink is partnered with BitLit in order to provide free eBooks with the purchase of a print book.  Currently, BitLit has their Canada Summer Reads program going on, with bookstores all across Canada actively participating!

We’re thrilled to partner with BitLit this way;  it means that you can support your local bookstores and still get eBooks without any hassle.  If you haven’t gotten the app yet, check it out!

Want to play an RPG set in the world of Jessie Shimmer?

I wanted to take a second here to mention something that you’re probably going to find really cool:  A roleplaying game that has the world of Jessie Shimmer as one of its stretch goals:

 The guy running it, Lester Smith, has actually worked with Alliteration Ink before - we published his stories in the first two volumes of The Crimson Pact, so we’re doubly excited about this game.  Let me have him describe it for you:

The d6xd6 CORE RPG centers on a quick-and-easy system for generating characters for any setting in five minutes or less.

Just pick a name, gender, and age. Then choose one personal attribute—Brawn, Grace, Wits, or Will—to be your strength and one to be your weakness.

Next, declare an occupation—any occupation you can imagine—to serve as your main skill. Then choose up to eight secondary skills from a list of 15 to 20, depending on the setting.

It sounds fast, easy, and fun, and features a ton of playable settings.  Go check out that Kickstarter, and let’s get to make characters alongside Jessie and Pal!

Hear Michael Haynes’ Story “Learning The Game” from *SIDEKICKS!* for free!

Michael Haynes’ story “Learning The Game”, originally appeared in SIDEKICKS!.  You can now hear (and read) the story over at Cast of Wonders (or download the MP3 directly). 

After listening, be sure to check out the rest of the anthology at!

The Table of Contents of *Streets of Shadows*

I am thrilled with the final ToC for Streets of Shadows.  Without further ado:

Streets of Shadows

"What I Am" - Tom Piccirilli

"A Game of Cards" - A.C. Wise

"Shooting Aphrodite" - Gary Kloster

"Santa Muerte" - Lucy Snyder and Dan Robichaud

"Morrigan’s Girls" - Gerard Brennan

"Such Faces We Wear, Such Masks We Hide" - Damien Angelica Walters

"The Man Who Has Been Killing Kittens" - Douglas F. Warrick

"The Large Man" - Paul Tremblay

"Unfilial Child" - Laurie Tom

"Street Worm" - Nisi Shawl

"Der Kommissar’s In Town" - Nick Mamatas

"The Shadow People" - Brandon Massey

"Hand Fast" - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Beware of Dog" - Kevin J. Anderson

"Stay: A Tale of the Spellmason Chronicles" - Anton Strout

"God Needs Not the Future" - Jason Sizemore

"Relics" - Tim Lebbon

"Cold Fear" - Lucien Soulban

"In Vino Veritas" - Tim Waggoner and Michael West

"Best Served Cold" - Seanan McGuire

"Toby’s Closet" - Jonathan Maberry

A whole bunch of these authors and editors (and I) are actually going to be Context 27 in September of this year, where the book’s official launch will be occurring. 

Thank you again to all our backers for your support.