Print? Digital? You can have it all.

Alliteration Ink is proud to announce that we have just put our first print/digital bundle together at DriveThru Fiction.

When you buy the paper version of Matt Bett’s book of genre poetry, See No Evil, Say No Evil, at DriveThru Fiction (click here), you will also get it as a digital download in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats for no extra cost.  You can hear Matt read one selection from the book at

As my friend John Withers pointed out, “I find it baffling that people assume because someone would download content they would pay for the same content in some other format, magically making people who are selling crap that is overpriced have lots of loot. By that logic, every car that is stolen would be a sale if we just had better locks on cars.”

Over the next few months, look forward to more of our titles being offered this way, both at DriveThru Fiction and directly from our website.

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